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Filecoin liquidity


Welcome to the dedicated technical documentation page for the web3mine's Filecoin Liquid Staking Pool, commonly referred to as the "Filmine Staking Pool". Intended audience for this documentation page are Filecoin Storage Providers who are interested in participating in the Filmine Staking Pool. Service is designed to facilitate liquidity requirements integral to data onboarding in the Filecoin network.

Storage Providers operating within the Filecoin network often face significant liquidity requirements, primarily to cover collateral costs when adding a new sector to the network. The Filmine Staking Pool addresses this challenge by providing Storage Providers with the necessary Filecoin tokens.

It's important to note that access to the Filmine Staking Pool is contingent upon being a member of the web3mine Storage Providers Network. For application procedures, please visit our home page at If you require additional information or assistance, our team is available to help through our Slack and Discord channels.