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Intro - Filecoin Storage Providers

Intro to Filecoin storage providing


Welcome! This tutorial assumes you have a basic knowledge of Filecoin mining. If you are new to Filecoin, please read A Guide to Filecoin Storage Mining before continuing.

Welcome to the Storage Providers page of our technical documentation where outline how you can integrate with the web3mine network in the Filecoin ecosystem.

This documentation page is aimed at equipping you with the essential resources and guidelines you require as a Storage Provider within the web3mine network. It's splitted into the following sections:

1. Filecoin Sealing as a service

As part of the web3mine network, you will have access to the Sealing-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This will enable you to delegate the computationally intensive sealing process to a network of dedicated Sealers, thereby increasing your operational efficiency within the Filecoin network.

2. Filecoin liquidity

The web3mine network also provides a mechanism for maintaining liquidity by offering Filecoin tokens through Filmine liquid staking pool. This is essential to successfully onboard new data onto the network without encountering potential financial constraints.

3. Verified storage deals (Fil+)

In terms of storage deals, web3mine facilitates access to Filecoin Plus (Fil+) deals through Filmine network.

4. Storage Provider tools

To augment your Storage Provider operations, web3mine has developed an assortment of tools designed to assist in the effective management of your Filecoin miner nodes. These resources aim to simplify your operations and optimize the performance of your storage provider node (lotus-miner). You will be provided with access to these tools upon joining the web3mine network.